The Tales of
The Dread Pirate Aaarrrggghhh!


Arrrr says I! I were wonderin' when ya'd be along. Still, it did take ye long enough!

This be the cave of the Dread Pirate Aaarrggghh! Strange as it may seem, 'tis yer portal to all kind o' wonderous things..just be watchin out fer the blasted bats!

If'n ye so choose, ye can find out all there is ta be knowin' bout our boy Tim..err..ah..oh pardon me...I mean the Dread Pirate Aaarrrggghhh of course.

Don't ye linger here in the cave fer too long though..I did see a case o' Atomic Joes headed toward the galely...and if'n ye don't be havin' yerself a gas maks or some such..well, a cave is a bad place ta be when the FART WHAT SHALL NOT BE NAMED be let..I'll say no more..ya been warned!